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Useful tip: Different payday loan direct lenders provide different terms of short-term loans (such as paycheck advance, for example). To be qualified for a cash loan online one must comply with certain basic requirements, such as the applicant's age, minimum income level, type of employment, loan amount and other. Each lender has its own unique set of basic requirements that cash loan applicants need to comply with, therefore loan applicants sometimes may not be qualified by some lenders. However,'s network of payday loan direct lenders consists of a great number of lending companies; being able to connect to a big number of payday loan lenders through increases chances for loan seekers to get matched with the best lenders and get cash fast.
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How does the short-term loan process work?

Sometimes you need extra cash before the next payday. Also known as a cash advance or a payday loan, a short-term loan can help you and your family meet unexpected expenses or simply get you through to the next paycheck. Short-term loans can also help you avoid late fees, utility reconnect fees, and bank overdraft charges.

eLoan Broker makes the short-term loan process simple. When you are in need of cash in between paydays, just apply for a payday loan using our rapid online response form.

After completing the form, eLoan Broker instantly matches you against a worldwide network of direct lenders. After you have been approved by a lender, the lender will guide you step-by-step until the money is deposited into your account. The loan must be repaid in a timely manner to avoid additional charges.*

While completing the form, you will present some basic personal information and a banking account number. The personal information is needed by the lender to verify that you are the actual person requesting a short-term loan online. The bank account number is used to instruct the lender where to deposit your money. The same account will be used to pay the lender back once the term of the loan ends.

Short Term Loan Frequently Asked Questions:

Does eLoan Broker perform credit checks? *

eLoan Broker does not perform any credit checks and short term loans are available to borrowers of all credit types.

How much can I borrow and when can I get my money?

Usually, short-term loans range from $100 - $1000 USD. Once approved, most short-term loans are electronically deposited directly into your account within 24hours.

Do I qualify for a short-term loan?

Many lenders only require that you are 18 years or older, have a checking account with direct deposit and receive over $800 a month in take home pay. A valid email address and working phone number is also required.

What types of fees are involved?

The lenders in eLoan Broker’s worldwide network are very competitive with their fees. Short term loans can be more expensive than traditional bank loans and are only intended for short term cash needs. Please be sure to understand all terms and costs before accepting a payday loan.

Are there any restrictions on use of funds?

No, you may apply for and use the loan for any purpose you choose. Common uses for short-term loans include paying bills, avoiding late fees, helping with rent or mortgage, or simply needing extra spending money.